The story


Hey! I'm Sherri S. Williams, a surface designer based in sunny Orlando, Florida. I'm an Alabama native and an Air Force veteran with a background in healthcare, mostly revenue cycle. I have a master’s degree in health science and health services administration and two decades of healthcare experience.

A desire to pursue a more creative and peaceful path brought me to art and design. In January 2020, I had an idea of crafting pillows and throws for my home and after realizing I had absolutely no time to hand make products, I discovered my true calling, surface design.
The brand
Refined Repeats is a one woman show, owned and operated by me.  All artwork on products sold in my shop is the original artwork of Sherri S. Williams printed on products made on demand and shipped directly from a print on demand partner closest to your shipping destination.

I consider myself a "professional doodler" and love to see what awesomeness I can create with my work digitally. I find inspiration in just about anything around me but mostly memories and experiences throughout my life. My creations exude a playful charm, infused with nostalgia and whimsy, inviting others to embark on a journey of self-expression and style.
It's ok to be a little bit different!